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a dangerous game - feat. everson griffen

"Don't be scared."  - Everson Griffen

Get into the head of one of the most dominant defensive ends in the league. When Everson Griffen steps on onto the field, he’s on the hunt.


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Behind the Scenes / VFX Breakdowns

Take a look at what went into making "A Dangerous Game" come to life with a few breakdowns of some VFX heavy shots. 


What fans are saying

This is one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen. The visuals combined with his voice are so at odds with each other...
My brother and I saw this debut on the jumbotron at the Rams game.. awesome to see it again!! MAKE MORE VIDEOS VIKINGS PRIME!!!! SKOL!
If this video doesn’t get you pumped for some football I don’t know what will!! SKOL!!!!!!


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