#RedDawn: Devils 2017-18 Season Opening Video

"It wasn’t easy, but we showed them who we are. We showed the whole world what we're made of."   - Ken Daneyko

In 2017, the New Jersey Devils tasked Triglass Productions with crafting a game opening video to signal a turning point in their franchise. The Devils wanted a retrospective on the team's history that would ultimately transition into a chest-pounding hype video for a roster brimming with young talent, on the verge of their next great story. Triglass filmed on-site in Newark, NJ with current and former Devils and chartered a helicopter to collect aerial footage of downtown. Working with the Devil's in-house media team, we wove together our footage with historical material to create an opener that has garnered accolades from all corners of the team's fandom.

DEVILS-Full Edit_FINAL_002.00_01_50_09.Still002.jpg

What fans are saying

100% the best intro video they’ve done. It is amazing on the big screen. Bravo.
Wow this video gets me so pumped up! I absolutely love the Devils. Great work by the production team that put this together.
This video sustains me. The best intro they’ve ever put together. Incredible.

#Now We Rise :: 2018-19 intro

In 2018, The Devils asked for a short in-stadium prologue video that would pay homage to legendary athletes throughout the history of their team. Using archival photo slides, Triglass Productions produced a contemplative salute to the icons that transitions seamlessly to show modern superstars and ramp energy into the main game-day introduction. 



in-stadium headshot series 2017-18

Triglass Productions remixed selections from the opening video footage to create dynamic and adaptive in-stadium player prompts.