pro bowl series

Since its inception, Triglass Productions has pioneered the development of innovative videos promoting star NFL players for their Pro Bowl bid. Challenging the paradigm of boilerplate highlight reels, our intent with this series is to work with the athlete to tell an engaging, cinematic story of their talent and success.


Planet xay - feat. xavier rhodes

"When I'm lining up against you, you're in Planet Xay." -Xavier Rhodes

The anomaly

"When guys aren't respecting you on the field... I think that kinda brings that dog out in you." - Adam Thielen

Mad dog

"Whatever he lacks, that's what you attack." -Everson Griffen

The Hitman

"I'm here to do my job, no matter who we're playing." -Harrison Smith

A Dangerous Game

"Don't be scared." -Everson Griffen


“I’m pushing myself to limits that I didn’t even know were possible.” -Danielle Hunter