Sports Social Media

Triglass Productions is your partner in crafting a custom-built social media presence for your team. In today's digital landscape, you need a wide range of innovative content to rise above the white noise. We'll help you stand out through unique, top-tier motion graphics templates and cutting-edge techniques like immersive video.

Prime Stats

An original concept created by Triglass Productions, Prime Stats is an in-season, per-game social media campaign that gets your followers hyped for your team's top performers. 

Vikings Prime Stats 2017

We create our graphics templates in 16:9 and a social media-friendly square aspect ratio to make them functional across all platforms.

Prime Stats Off-season

Adapt your Prime Stats platform for the off-season to keep your fans pumped about your new acquisitions, from free agency and trades to the draft.

Vikings Off-season Prime Stats

Chiefs off-season by the numbers

Gameday footage

Unleash the Triglass team on your sidelines for dramatic single-game coverage or to collect outstanding evergreen footage for your franchise.

vikings vs packers

The first home game in our new stadium.

Prime 360

Triglass Productions is one of the few production companies that offers 360 videos to immerse your viewer in the electric stadium atmosphere. 

Prime 360

Get up close and personal in the Viking's big divisional play-off win over the Saints.